Prepping for Euro2012

There’s probably going to be a comprehensive checklist for soccer fans who are eagerly anticipating the kick-off for euro2012. 

For the other-half(s) who has to suffer the long weekends of endless soccer and friends coming over to be merry together, sleepless nights of flashing TV screens and cheering, this could be your checklist:

  • Get Some Sleep
  • Freedom 
  • Disconnect cable box from room
  • Avoid midnight suppers at coffeeshops with a TV

and the list could go on…

On the other hand, as a fan myself, I have a very simple checklist!

  • Decide if I should subscribe with 

        a) SingTel MioTV –  I could miss crucial moments like the final minutes or a penalty shoot-out which   would determine the champions 
        b) Starhub – Find out the score a few seconds after everyone does

  • Stock up on chips & beer (and all things that would cause guilt and multiple trips to the gym)  
  • Make a mental note on must watch matches
  • Get myself up to date with facts around the Euro to be a real pro. 
I found this app during the world-cup period and it was so easy to use, gave such great information and somehow exciting! Ironically, i joined the company. hmmm. But this year, I though I should share the good stuff with all I know. Great for ladies impressing guys with their wealth of knowledge, kids getting into the know of football etc etc etc. i love it. 
So here you go (Click me!!) Not advocating my product, just this one app which I cannot go without sharing. Works on iPad without the need to DL the native app, works on any browser.. Try it and tell me what you think!