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some people

Some people will come into your lives…

to challenge you
to break-down your beliefs
to question your traditions
to criticize your norms
to push you to your limits
to test your patience
to bring you down to new lows
to make you doubt your mere existence

but for every person that does that, what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. Maybe I’ll take a day to get over it or maybe a year but however long it takes, it will be worth every ounce of tear I shed and muscle I twitch. Maybe it’s a test of my patience and maybe it’s just to shape my character and mold me into someone better for the many other battles I will face over and again.


A little reminder of home…

.. what makes me miss it whenever I’m away and what I love about it.

You know how journalists always talk about Singapore using the key word “melting pot of… (Race, Culture etc)” Sometimes I forget what it really means to live in one and forget what makes me appreciate it enough to stress that this is what makes us truly Singaporean.

What made me feel right at home on a Sunday morning was the sound of the beating Kompang (Malay Hand Drum) to welcome the bride & groom which woke me up. Even though I’m right on the 11th floor, it was loud and cheery filled with gusto and celebration. And no, it didn’t irritate me but I was up and started to think about the nice curries cooking below and started salivating LOL.

and then it dawned on me how much this makes me feel right at home. That an estate is never complete without this celebration every once in awhile. That we are not much different from any cosmo city until you experience this. And if someone were to ask me what’s unique about Singapore and a must see/attend, in a heartbeat I would have the perfect answer – Live in the heartland for a day and if u have a local friend, attend a traditional Malay/Indian/Chinese wedding! I’ve heard and experienced the big hearts of the Malays to welcome just about any race to their weddings so long you are a friend and here to bring good wishes, even if you dont have an invite! Thus explaining the location, casual-ness & overwhelming amount of food!

Like all wedding filled with traditions, the rituals and colours just speaks more than telling you about a culture. You’ll see the hostility on MRTs & shopping centres melt away, making way for bonds, friendship, laughter and community. I hope the new estates will still thrive with this sort of bustle and multi-cultural love for one another filled with activities & fun!

A typical Malay wedding, and yes this is at a void deck, grand huh! photo credits from Yahoo.sg

If I haven’t already told you enough, the highlight of the wedding was a malay guy singing “我问天“ in hokkien, better know as ” Wa Meng Ti” for an extremely long Taiwanese drama “爱“. When he was done, he closed it with “Terima Kasih”. Talk about being Rojak and totally multicultural/lingual.

I love being Singaporean and as rojakly Peranankan for reasons like these!

Baked Herb & Parmesan Breadcrumbs Chicken

Some days I get inspired by what I watch on TV and I’d always try to re-create my own version with personal favourites or family favourite. What I do is take with me the tips & tricks to apply to what I understand about flavours, scents, and how they marry with my chosen ingredients. This recipe has been something I have been dying to try for the longest time as it is healthy yet fulfilling!

Baked Herb & Parmesan Breadcrumbs Chicken Yes, as a simple disclaimer, I’m not big on fancy plating so don’t mind my pictures!

Serves 4
4 Pieces of Chicken Breast
300g of Breadcrumbs (Or more if you will eat the crumbs like cereal)
1.5 Knob of butter (or more for a wholesome taste but of course more sinful)
2 Teaspoons of dried rosemary
2 Teaspoons of dried oregano
2 Teaspoons of ground black pepper
2-3 Tablespoons of parmesan
A little salt to taste

1. With a meat tenderizer, work through your chicken to 1) flatten it and 2) loosen up the meat. This will prevent the meat from being tough and dry when its being baked and also helps with absorbing the seasoning
2. In a mixing bowl, combine the Breadcrumbs, Butter, Parmesan, Herbs and Pepper. I used my hand to mix it as it helps melt the butter, wear a glove if you worry about the grease. Taste a little to see what is lacking and adjust according to your preference.
3. Lay out your flatten chicken and generously cover the side facing you with the mix. Roll up the chicken and use toothpicks to secure the chicken. How much mix you can stuff into the chicken will determine how moist and tasty the chicken will become. The mix will fall out but don’t worry. You can gather what has fallen out to reuse them. Do the same for the next 3.
4. Place the four rolls of chicken on the baking tray and cover it with the remaining mix and all else that fell out.
5. Bake for approximately 20 minutes. During this time, it would be good to shift the chicken that is nearest to the heat to prevent the breadcrumbs from getting burnt especially with the butter – I just keep rotating the tray

And tada! You should get a golden brown shade from the crumbs while your chicken is cooked through – and because smell is so important to me, that combination of butter, parmesan and herbs cooking will start to fill the kitchen and get your tummy working. Hope you have fun too!

Hello 105 calories per bite, my favorite Mooncakes…

I think as Singaporeans, while we accept so many cultures and are encouraged/accustomed to celebrate together to bond, those without dietary restrictions has obesity lurking right around the corner..
(Jan) New Year
(Feb) Chinese New Year – 1 x Pineapple tart 80cals, 1 x Bak kwa slice 370cals, not to mention the countless reunion dinners & lo hei
(May) Mother’s Day
(Jun) Father’s Day
(Jun – Jul) Great Singapore Sale – Well, when you shop you get hungry don’t you?
(Jun) Rice Dumpling Festival – Each Pork & Mushroom BaZhang is about, 270cals?
(Aug) Hari Raya – Curries avg 350cals depending on the coconut milk & meat, and sweet snacks just like CNY
(Sept) Mooncake Festival – 1 double yolk in lotus paste mooncake – approx 800-900cals
(Nov) Deepavali – More Curries! But more importantly, the sweets which averages abt 250cals PER slice/ball
(Dec) Christmas – I did a count of Turkey, mash, lasagne, cheesecake, you could easily rake in 1,500cals all in one night

How do we not become chubby!!

BUT, while we are on the topic of these awesome food festivals, mooncake festival is less than a week away. Gone are the days of walking in the park with lanterns and burning it as I am into my 10th step, you know – candles. So I guess it’s all about food – and the people who know that fact best are probably earning the most this year! I cannot stress enough how much effort has gone into a lot of the babies not only to make the best traditional mooncake, but also the most creative in terms of flavor matches and packaging..

I think one of the companies who hit the nail right has got to be TWG.

A beautiful box with a hint of traditional SIngapore while it brings out an air of class with its gold hints. Not to mention the flavours! For one, they stuck to being what they are best at – tea. But what they did better was to marry the traditional flavours with their trademark tea so creatively which hit all the right spots. My personal favorite was the Brothers Club Tea infused Dragon Mooncake – it has that smooth peanut paste that just reminds me of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. But! you’ll fall in love visually with their Scarlett red Mooncake and Gold Leaf for she’s a real standout.

TWG’s traditional baked mooncakes

TWG’s Snowskin mooncakes

Another looker this year from Hong Kong who just washed up our shores and its eccentric taste in traditions and art has definitely taken Singapore by storm – G.O.D. (Goods of Desire). And what better way to show Singaporeans what they are made of than to say “Hi, we’re G.O.D and have some Butt Mooncakes on us!”


While my streamlines threaten to burst, I am still determined to try to make some space for Grand Hyatt’s Lychee Martini Truffle Mooncakes as I’ve heard so much about them! My knees go weak when I see Lychee Martini on any menu in any form.. Feed me already!

Such beautiful colours!

Such beautiful colours!

And while it’s an excuse to indulge, don’t forget this is just one more excuse and opportunity for Durian Mooncakes! Goodwood park, fours seasons – you name it I’m eating it. A tad expensive but what the hell! In fact, Goodwood’s Durian Mooncake has improved from last year so why not!

Goodwood Park’s Durian Mooncake

Till we see more awesome designs during Christmas, here’s my favourite Mooncake box of the year….! It’s so functional!


the Bellabox craze

Just what did i get myself into!! I succumbed to the marketing gimmick of all marketing gimmicks – a treasure trove of travel sized, 100% hand-picked and awesome beauty/skincare products. In which I think was made by a women for ESPECIALLY women. I blame my colleagues and boss who were RAVING about it just yesterday and look! It’s less than 24hrs and I’m already into it. Trust me my fingers were THAT close to a 1 year subscription..

You see, I am a sucker for that one moment of sheer excitement knowing a box of unknown beauty products is just a lid away. And what’s better, it was put together from understanding your beauty profile – which I just found out, is a series of quirky questions that doesn’t really give much away. and now, I regret signing up at the beginning of the month! When will I get my Bellabox!!?
How could you resist this pretty little thing!!! There’s travel sized babies, there’s loyalty points, there’s discounts, there’s a pretty box – WHAT MORE CAN A WOMAN ASK FOR!!

SO.. until my Bellabox arrives and I take all sorts of pretty pictures and start raving…. happy weekends ya’ll 🙂

The best 5kg you’ll ever carry – and it ain’t heavy

How to come back with a bang and pick up from where I left off…
It is often said that we always need life changing moment to give us a kick in the butt and get the engine going once again. I’ve found back some form of equilibrium in my life and what better way to come back to what I love doing most than sharing the best news of the year so far – and this news is also my kick!

ImageThat is not my kid – but I’ve become an aunt/godma and she’s prolly the best 5kg I’ll willingly carry and never want to put her down no matter how sore my arms feel. AND, she’s the best 5kg only because…

She’s the purest form of love that comes not from choice but an innate inclination to love without reason.
She’s every reason why all unhappiness is quickly forgotten
She’s also why I’m home on weekends but never bored
She’s tangible proof that God lives in us and loves us and his love knows no boundaries. With every hardship we ever had to experience he doubles it up with blessings and comfort. I cannot begin to tell you how much love has been showered on this little girl to accompany the many tomorrows she will have that has indirectly brought a smile to our face and a silent knowledge tomorrow is worth living for..

and till the day I have my own little bundle of joy, GODMA LOVES YOU LITTLE PEARLY! 🙂 be good and may you one day find this post to know how much i love you esp on days im not the nicest aunt 😛

me against time…

“Everyone thinks you make mistakes when you’re young. But I don’t think we make any fewer when we’re grown up”
― Jodi Picoult

Ahh.. in less than a week’s time, I’ll be hitting the dreaded 25 (maybe I shouldn’t be so upfront about the age) and since time seems to be slightly on my side today, I started thinking about how these 25 years have just flown by so quickly. Its feels like just yesterday that I celebrated the hallmark 21 and suddenly, 4 years have gone by – its true what they say, after 21, time seriously flies.

Amidst chasing for a branded paper, establishing a foothold in society and learning how to be a grown up, I’ve had much fun and had a taste at most things bittersweet. I’ve traveled a fair bit, I’ve got a decent dollar amount in where that is safe, I’ve done what most grown ups have for a safety net in life, I would like to think I have been integrating with society quite well and there is still lots more to be looking forward to! I’m also glad I still have the same bunch of favourite people who have been with me since 13 and certainly sure another 10-20 years wouldn’t be tough.
I think the only procrastination would be my driving license and going for my confirmation but I simply no motivation for the former and it is by no means cool. Other than that, if I can recall the popular secondary school composition exercise – “Where do you see yourself in 5/10years time”.. I don’t think I am very far off but! I think I’m going to have problems when the big three-o comes!

I wish I could get more excited about celebrating this day but all I am is worried for all my tomorrows… Wishful expectations in life seem to point towards hoping everything will fall into place but Murphy’s Law of what can go wrong will go wrong definitely never fails to impress. My 23rd year seem to be the best example thus far but you never know! Somedays I still feel like I’m not prepared to handle things like how my grandparents seem to wrinkle and shrink even more each day while my mum ages slowly too. OR, like how people around me all seem to be getting hitched! (panicking as I type this out..breathe Corrin breathe!)

So for all my tomorrows, do you have handy advice for things I should try to accomplish before I hit 30?