New York New York

I’m one click away from booking my flights to New York.

There is this certain surge of excitement mixed with a positive uncertainty; a feeling I cant quite contain in a single word. I cant bring myself to press the button!
For many reasons, one of it lies with the fact that I’m going to fly 17hrs to meet my boyf! To be able to spend the festivities with him even though he’s miles away is sheer joy. Then comes to point number 2, 17hrs (19hr for the return leg) alone on the flight. I should be thankful I’m going to be on SQ (thank god for Krisflyer miles), and this isn’t my first long haul flight…its just that something about this trip seems, different! I’m having all these anxiety even before the trip! But its all making me smile so it should not pose too big a problem.

And then I finally quelled the anxiety and clicked ‘book flights’.
AHH blasted me. I don’t have my passport number with me! -_- hurray to a renewed passport and a different passport number thus KrisFlyer doesn’t have my details. So much for trying to book a seat sooner lest I be put on a waitlist. Now I cant wait to hurry home and get this done! Now Im feeling a different anxiety altogether. I much rather the first scenario.

And for New York we will start planning! Thanks to some friends who are contributing to this process, first steps would be to find a good apartment to rent. Does anyone have suggestions? All’s welcomed! 🙂