My very own Eat, Pray, Love month

“A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master…”


“A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. ”


Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray, Love

it’s been a trying month packed with a whole lot of me becoming really reclusive only to find out that, hell I’ve always been stronger than I think I can be, why am I running away? I have to thank my teacher who gave me this book when I turned 21 and similarly, was in this exact same spot – only thing is, I’ve grown a whole lot and definitely stronger than yesterday.

To finally be able to walk out from a shadow of conveniently avoiding the topic and be able to bravely say, well the decision has been made after only much deliberation.. certainly doesn’t rank the highest on my favourite things to do. But if life is going to give me lemons, I had better learn from the rest and make those darn good lemonades!

My greatest weakness as I walk out of this.. is my fear of loneliness and dependency. A whole lot of me always searches for that pillar to complete what I’ve already built and what life has already given me. But somehow, I happen to just be one of those people who always has that cheesy mentality that right now, life has all the beautiful drawings and the best canvas – it just lacks colour..

So while I slowly pick myself up and delve into work and games… no binge drinking!! 😛

“I think I deserve something beautiful.”


#ShapeRun and things I nv thought I would accomplish

its a little bit funny… what growing up means and does to you.. I for one have done a few things which i never thought i would at 16. it’s almost a decade now so i decided to make a list..

  1. Study beyond a Diploma
  2. Work in the IT/Manufacturing industry
  3. Holiday in the US/Europe before I’m 30
  4. Succumb to societal pressures (look pretty, stay slim, get married n have kids, what else?)
  5. Do any other form of exercise except my favourite sports (esp since I’m forever done with Napfa)

But guess what…

  1. Study beyond a Diploma I actually graduated with a Degree and a pretty decent GPA at that =O
  2. Work in the IT/Manufacturing industry IVE BEEN IN IT FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS!!?!?!?
  3. Holiday in the US/Europe before I’m 30 Thanks to Shawn being posted to the U.S. for training, his kind sponsorship and a lot of krisflyer miles… I’ve been to NY! and then there’s short after work trips in Orlando and SF…!! Blessed me
  4. Succumb to societal pressures (look pretty, stay slim, get married n have kids, what else?) I invest heavily on make-up, all things beauty & fashion and I lust for branded bags 😦 not to mention all the dieting
  5. Do any other form of exercise except my favourite sports (esp since I’m forever done with Napfa)  …..

I COMPLETED MY FIRST EVER 10KM CHALLENGE WITH SHAPE RUN LAST SUNDAY!!! OMG WHAT DID I JUST DO TO MYSELF!! and i actually do feel very happy and accomplished! *oh the horror* I’m already planning to do more runs but this time for charity.. Like the Yellow Ribbon Run for ex-prisoners, Race against Cancer.. or maybe even the Passion Run for the kids… what say you?? (and if you can think of any more I should join, do let me know..) I’m also glad Shawn is very enthusiastic to join me on these runs!! we could be a couple who runs for charity! 😛 Branding in progress..
but anyhow, here are some pictures from the run! I apologize prior for the poor quality from my iphone’s front VGA camera 😦

4D numbers?

4D numbers?

Our 10KM Route

Our 10KM Route

Looking at the route, i kinda wished i joined the pocari run instead. beautiful MBS and gardens by the bay! arghh… the most painful stretch of the route must have been at the F1 pit lane as well as the Nicoll highway stretch. NEVER ENDING!!!

Amanda & Myself at 630am.. ZZZ

Amanda & Myself at 630am.. ZZZ

More buddies! Its like we're 16 again

More buddies! Its like we’re 16 again

I actually had time to stop for a picture. too tired

I actually had time to stop for a picture. too tired.. dont worry i won’t be speeding anytime soon.. NO WAY

Ok. shag face

Ok. shag face

Apart from the shag face. i remember numb feet, cramps and stitches… oh why did i put myself thru more than 1hr of this!!! and my eyes aren’t that small, its the SUN hehe

of cos she had to wait for me

of cos she had to wait for me.. dont look that shag anymore..

We did it!!

We did it!!

although i completed it, i aim to get a much better timing and run a lot more next time. stop a lot less. i think i can!



and after you perspire like MAD.. its time to refuel! Trying lao ban for the first time and pretty decent i must say.. something new. somehow, eating at Old Airport Road…… the food just doesnt seem as good as i remember anymore, or was it that i bought from the wrong stall? hmmm somehow wasn’t gratifying enough. AND, after the run, i seem to be eating alot more. ARGH wrong thing tt should be happening!! must control diet again!!

ahhh i miss the good old friendship and nonsense. 😀 glad to do this run.. TO MORE RUNS AND BEYOND! i hope you run for a good cause too, if you can’t, do donate and support the cause! 🙂

The thing about headliners

While I was in School (that isn’t too long ago… I’m not that old!!!), writing articles is just about the only thing I did for all my Communications Subject. Till today I’m so glad I took comms.. 🙂 And if there was something I had to learn about myself, its the fact that I love to write but i absolutely HATE writing a headline, and guess what, headliners usually accounted for maybe up to 20 marks depending on the metrics. It wasn’t that I wasn’t creative, its just so darn difficult to keep to a word limit of less than a twitter update and still capture the essence of the story which is probably 100x more words than a twitter update. and then they go on about how there is always a hook that doesn’t need much elaboration, just a word sometimes is enough! Or you have tricks like leaving out minor inconsequential words like even the, a, in etc to squeeze in as much as possible. or sub-headliners not used so often.

Today, i spotted a new trick that totally kept me laughing, using the shortened form of the word. I’m telling you, its gonna be ugly!

Given that maybe the reader isnt a soccer fan… So…. Does that mean? It doesn’t even feel like it’s a soccer headline to be honest..

I guess it just ain’t easy being a journalist.. :p

Friday Laughs – Bad English

i thought to make this something constant, a good friday laugh via picture or something. great idea but i must be disciplined enough to keep it up. So anyway, i decided to start with a little something that i spotted this week – it was a survey that was sent to me via a very popular survey site.

hahaha couldnt stop cracking up. some errors just shouldn’t happen uh – the problem with pronunciation here in SG. can you imagine what a walking wardrobe would actually be like? – friendly like in beauty & the beast? or just downright freaky like one that would eat us into a new realm like Narnia or something.

Share your own Friday Laughs and dont forget to tell me about it, i’d like a great start to my weekend 😉

I stayed up for #Xiaxue

I actually stayed up till late (unsually late for a weekday) reading Xiaxue’s blog all bacause I read her latest entry which slammed disrespectful, insulting haters with her wit. Full on, no restrain, brutally blunt wit which is probably what those haters deserve! Sometime they should know what it feels like to have people hurling insults at you with total disregard for your feelings. You can read about her post here and yes i absolutely recommend it, even if you have never been a fan of hers because I can only promise you entertainment!

I never used to read her blog for many reasons, the last time I glanced thru was probably in 2007. Back then, blogging was starting to get really popular, profitable and influential! I didn’t like her big hair and make-up, her narcissism nor her skewed, very Singaporean perspective on everything! Yes you’re probably thinking I’m just begging for her backlash now. But fret not, my blog doesn’t get that much attention so this should go unnoticed and I’m not afraid to say it aloud because my perspective of her CHANGED. hey everyone should be awarded second chances right – and by everyone I actually meant myself.

You see, i actually admire her! There are many qualities about her 9 year long (or even more) relationship with her passion – blogging. A good healthy number of people know what they are most passionate about, some fake a passion just for some kind of dedication in life, many, struggle to find their passion. The main problem lies in pursuing it. She pursued it with tenacity and perseverance, glamour and style. Despite the haters and people who wanted to bring her down but look where that got her – cliche but ‘stronger than yesterday’. And for the people who seek to bring her down and emphasize on how she is just a failure, like hello, how many times has she been on the papers, how much is she being sponsored and does she have to complain about her job?! How about you, sire?
Next, her positivism and how she continually stays true to herself without needing to be someone else!

Teachers always taught us to dream, and dream big but many of us forget about it and become only sad followers of what is expected of us. Xiaxues blog sort of serves as a constant reminder that all things are possible.. Her friends from many walks of life are also capable of it! So…. Why shouldn’t I reach for the stars and dream big!

If in 5 years time I do become any sort of famous blogger, I promise to thank xiaxue and bring her for a nice meal.. 😛

Keep writing…!

Midweek photo treat!

Before we get started, Happy Belated Diwali to all my Indian friends! Hope the NASA picture of India is legit as it is really really a pretty sight of India! Here is a short post on what Diwali is about and the picture I was referring to.

On to the main reason for today’s post, my colleague just recently shared this website with me that has beautiful and well taken pictures along with well-written and informative texts. I almost already feel smarter with each entry and I got hooked onto 3 engaging posts during my break. I hope you will enjoy this webpage and its pictures as much as I did!

World War II in Photos – 20 Part Special

Population Seven Billion

Bangkok Underwater

Till my next post, I will be sharing an authentic Portuguese Curry Debal recipe that I cooked with over the last weekend!!