dusty lil place…

i got too engrossed with traveling, the holidays, traveling again, more holidays and work. I forgot how much i loved to write and how happy it makes me… in a nutshell, before i commit posts to each good detail… 

  1. I found a city to fall in love with the bright lights and skyscrapers. i found many first loves there and some seem quite difficult to replace.
  2. I found a place I never thought I would ever visit and wish i had spent more time there. The charms of the people and the limitless ocean and sky makes me so happy but I also found out all inclusive isn’t always a good thing. A I learnt about ‘things’ that’s beyond us and predictions.. 
  3. I learnt that no matter how hard life kicks you in uncomfortable areas, there is always pick me ups.. Family, friends, sitcoms and FOOD. I’ve learnt my true calling. I have countless food experiences to share and that’s what reminded me that I have left this place for far too long.. 

And I know that 2012 is going to pack lotsa of good news, tidings and joy. I cant wait to get started on sharing. I’ll be back!