i found love in a hopelessly beautiful city

remember how i went on a hiatus with no blog entries which i sincerely regret? Now i cant wait to share.. but to keep things simple, lesser descriptions, more pictures and today I will start with why I fell in love with NEW YORK CITY!!!

New York on TV always held something magical.. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S growing up (yes favourite sitcom ever!) made me promise myself that IF i ever do visit NY, I have to visit central park, central perk and of cos, the apartment. Silly me not knowing that Central Perk is just a Hollywood prop till many years later – kids are so easy to fool (rolls eyes)! Then you have How I Met Your Mother and TONS of blockbusters set in NY as well. THERE’S GOT TO BE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CITY!!!!

This is where I let the pictures speak for itself! ^.^ ( i might miss some landmarks due to bad photography! =( apologies!!)

somedays I still cannot believe I went to NYC. most days I just miss it so much especially when I don’t know when I will ever visit NY again…

Travel, you’ll never live a day in regret.

Day 1 in New York

After months long of anticipation, I finally depart for New York. Something about Christmas just isn’t right in Singapore, no christmas ornaments adorn the T3 only a green merlion statue and an angry birds tree parked at the departure gates.. Just isn’t right but the sales are all in place maybe that’s our interpretation of the christmas spirit.

So somehow there was a delay at the gates for an hour and while expecting a nice comfy plane to board, I wish they would switch to the A380 sooner. Everything was old and falling apart. My tray table was faulty, the man at my 10 o’clock had a faulty chair that kept reclining against his will and a huge plastic that doesn’t belong anywhere was sitting on the floor. Save for the first and last meal and between someone thinking I’m an off-duty crew and their good glass of Riesling, I’m hoping for a miracle to happen on my return flight. Like a Christmas special, A380 starts ahead of schedule!

JFK must really be a busy airport and my they have 8 terminals.. And yet somehow I couldn’t find a DFS -.- thank god I had my luggage. First drama of the trip came from Shawn’s delayed flight and his baggage that didn’t make the flight. It wasnt till ten in the night did we find out his luggage made it to ny. God bless America….. Or just us actually. And while “Concrete jungle where dreams are made off” kept ringing in my head, the concrete jungle was only present in downtown manhattan not New York! They should revise the lyrics a tad.

The village I’m at is nice and cozy with many food outlets boasting food from so many cultures, I realized I don’t have sufficient days to do them all. I hope somehow the ones I choose would be fab.

And now battling jet-lag, I’m up at 6am which is still pitch dark like it was at 6pm. Day 2, I’m ready for you…