Crab fest @ Jumbo

Last Saturday, the BF and myself we just planning to have dinner with the family but some how, some sudden urge to splurge and give ourselves a good meal, mama treated us to crabs at our favourite place since young, Jumbo @ UDMC!

What started out as choosing 1 style to have the crabs but because of our indecisiveness and multiple cravings, we ended up having 3 crabs made in 3 styles. Our usual combination of Chilli Crab with Man Tou, Black Pepper Crab and for the first time at Jumbo, Salted Egg Crab. We added a carbo stable for the brother and boyf – Mee Goreng Malaysia style. AHHHHH im in heaven. As usual, the chilli crab never fails, the pepper crab just leaves you craving for more, these two dishes needs no introduction.. But guess what, the salted egg crab was surprising and delicious!! I was expecting those dry fry salted egg, something like your cereal prawns but I wasn’t even close! What we got instead was a thick creamy and rich salted egg sauce that is generously drizzled all over the crab, it envelopes the meat and makes biting into the body flesh OH SO YUMMY, first time I’m going for the body instead of pincers!!! okay, we all got too excited and no one remembered to take pictures! 😦 Don’t worry, I’m surely going back there again and this time I’ll remember! but till then, you have to try it the next time you get a good crab craving!!!

But anyway, as a person who loves cooking, i have to share this great discovery! Jumbo actually shares their  secret recipe to award-winning crabs! they were playing non-stop reruns of the instructional video in the restaurant which I had to watch while waiting for the food to arrive. Something like a sickness i have of not being able to do nothing hehe 😛 . They say we can impress our guests like chefs, such a cute tagline. Of course, I think its only possible IF you buy their spice pouch and all but i getting it right the first time is a great motivation to spur you on and keep cooking and who knows you might figure out the recipe in the spice pouch and seriously re-create your own winners! So here you go, Jumbo Kitchen@Home.

Ahh it’s wednesday and life is getting better. All the madness might just end soon and new challenges await. 🙂 so exciting. But in the meantime, its back to my diet and moving this lazy ass to go run and prepare for the upcoming Shape Run. Just what did i get myself into… 😦