The thing about headliners

While I was in School (that isn’t too long ago… I’m not that old!!!), writing articles is just about the only thing I did for all my Communications Subject. Till today I’m so glad I took comms.. 🙂 And if there was something I had to learn about myself, its the fact that I love to write but i absolutely HATE writing a headline, and guess what, headliners usually accounted for maybe up to 20 marks depending on the metrics. It wasn’t that I wasn’t creative, its just so darn difficult to keep to a word limit of less than a twitter update and still capture the essence of the story which is probably 100x more words than a twitter update. and then they go on about how there is always a hook that doesn’t need much elaboration, just a word sometimes is enough! Or you have tricks like leaving out minor inconsequential words like even the, a, in etc to squeeze in as much as possible. or sub-headliners not used so often.

Today, i spotted a new trick that totally kept me laughing, using the shortened form of the word. I’m telling you, its gonna be ugly!

Given that maybe the reader isnt a soccer fan… So…. Does that mean? It doesn’t even feel like it’s a soccer headline to be honest..

I guess it just ain’t easy being a journalist.. :p