#Biore’s amazing new make-up remover

I recently purchased Cleo again for its Beauty Hall of Fame (My must read every year!) and it came with a really mini bottle of Biore’s New make-up remover : Biore Aqua Jelly for us to sample.

Biore Aqua Jelly

Biore Aqua Jelly

Instructions say, pour out an appropriate amount, apply and massage, rinse off and all the make up will come off very quickly. – Really or not! I can imagine how the area around it is going to go all black cos of the removing and might even leave a stain because it has happened before. HOWEVERRRR, I’m not going to chuck it aside just for the sake of it, but instead.. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

The Test: 
I was using Kate’s Black Eyeliner (which sometimes leave a black trace) and a very good long lasting ZA mascara, it’s latest Impact Lashes (this mascara only comes off cleanly with ZA’s own make up remover – I’ve tried 4 different removers! Even water and perspiration does smudge it at all)

The advertisements didnt lie!! I was impressed because what i have on today is usually quite stubborn (even for other Biore make up removers). Not a single trace of black lines remained, no mascara left behind, no black stains surrounding the area which i massaged. and it took me at most 2 mins to remove (i was kiasu and massaged very long). What i especially appreciated was how easy it was to massage the area and how gentle it was on my eyelids. There was no strong scent, just a pleasant light scent and while massaging, it didnt feel all too excessively oily. After washing my whole face with my usual cleanser, my lids feels extra soft and really clean! I FEEL GOOOOOD and HAPPY! 

And guess what, there are additional benefits! 1/3 of it has moisturizing essence which explains the soft feeling! I didnt even need to use a cotton pad which means, extra gentle on my eye lids which will prevent crease lines, sagging etc. OMG IM IN LOVE! I only hope that after using it for a long while, i wont develop pimples nor oily skin which was what the Biore Wipes did to me. Gonna head to Watson’s to buy my first bottle tomorrow ($24.90)! 🙂 YAY!