i found love in a hopelessly beautiful city

remember how i went on a hiatus with no blog entries which i sincerely regret? Now i cant wait to share.. but to keep things simple, lesser descriptions, more pictures and today I will start with why I fell in love with NEW YORK CITY!!!

New York on TV always held something magical.. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S growing up (yes favourite sitcom ever!) made me promise myself that IF i ever do visit NY, I have to visit central park, central perk and of cos, the apartment. Silly me not knowing that Central Perk is just a Hollywood prop till many years later – kids are so easy to fool (rolls eyes)! Then you have How I Met Your Mother and TONS of blockbusters set in NY as well. THERE’S GOT TO BE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CITY!!!!

This is where I let the pictures speak for itself! ^.^ ( i might miss some landmarks due to bad photography! =( apologies!!)

somedays I still cannot believe I went to NYC. most days I just miss it so much especially when I don’t know when I will ever visit NY again…

Travel, you’ll never live a day in regret.

I stayed up for #Xiaxue

I actually stayed up till late (unsually late for a weekday) reading Xiaxue’s blog all bacause I read her latest entry which slammed disrespectful, insulting haters with her wit. Full on, no restrain, brutally blunt wit which is probably what those haters deserve! Sometime they should know what it feels like to have people hurling insults at you with total disregard for your feelings. You can read about her post here and yes i absolutely recommend it, even if you have never been a fan of hers because I can only promise you entertainment!

I never used to read her blog for many reasons, the last time I glanced thru was probably in 2007. Back then, blogging was starting to get really popular, profitable and influential! I didn’t like her big hair and make-up, her narcissism nor her skewed, very Singaporean perspective on everything! Yes you’re probably thinking I’m just begging for her backlash now. But fret not, my blog doesn’t get that much attention so this should go unnoticed and I’m not afraid to say it aloud because my perspective of her CHANGED. hey everyone should be awarded second chances right – and by everyone I actually meant myself.

You see, i actually admire her! There are many qualities about her 9 year long (or even more) relationship with her passion – blogging. A good healthy number of people know what they are most passionate about, some fake a passion just for some kind of dedication in life, many, struggle to find their passion. The main problem lies in pursuing it. She pursued it with tenacity and perseverance, glamour and style. Despite the haters and people who wanted to bring her down but look where that got her – cliche but ‘stronger than yesterday’. And for the people who seek to bring her down and emphasize on how she is just a failure, like hello, how many times has she been on the papers, how much is she being sponsored and does she have to complain about her job?! How about you, sire?
Next, her positivism and how she continually stays true to herself without needing to be someone else!

Teachers always taught us to dream, and dream big but many of us forget about it and become only sad followers of what is expected of us. Xiaxues blog sort of serves as a constant reminder that all things are possible.. Her friends from many walks of life are also capable of it! So…. Why shouldn’t I reach for the stars and dream big!

If in 5 years time I do become any sort of famous blogger, I promise to thank xiaxue and bring her for a nice meal.. 😛

Keep writing…!

remnants of my childhood

little by little, fragments of my physical environment are changing as we progress as a society as a means to better our life. I miss some of them especially when you have fond memories attached to it.

You see, Singapore 20 years ago and Singapore now, kids then vs now probably don’t share the same meaning of ‘fun’.
this favourite among 80s kids

Dragon Sand pit Playground – Courtesy of Remembering Singapore

This was my favourite when i was a kid!
– Courtesy of CNNgo

Has been replaced with this:

Courtesy – Singaporesnapshots

Well, the rationale was simple, hygiene. HFMD was waiting to unleash itself onto the young in the sand. but it was the same sand that i could build sandcastles of imagination without needing to head to the beach! i had scrapes from falls in the sand but that made me pick myself up, dust the sand off and carried on playing. That could be upbringing too, but never mind separate discussion.

However fast everything is quickly being replaced for better amenities, infrastructure etc, I still love the pasar malams (night markets) that bloom once every school holiday season. There’s something about how it makes however edgy a HDB estate look like home. Even though the stuff at these pasar malams dont hold the same standard as before, it just never fails to get me excited and wanting to visit one thought I know I’m going to walk out with nothing in my hand. Except maybe a chicken wing, taiwanese sausage, fish crackers, cotton candy, cup corn – yea nothing much.
It reminds me of meeting friends just to grab something from the pasar malam akin to going to a shopping centre. then the most important of it all. When pasar malam also meant funfairs. It was family time out together, maybe that would explain why I still love the oh-so sinful cotton candy – it meant me and my brother tearing of the soft cotton fighting for the last bit of sweet and licking the paper just cause. And the funfair games where stuff could be won. and silly rides with battery operated toy cars you could ride around otherwise only drool while running around in toys-r-us.

The simple life as I last remembered it to be pristine.

its not the same anymore for me as a grown up, i wonder whats it like for kids these days…

Prepping for Euro2012

There’s probably going to be a comprehensive checklist for soccer fans who are eagerly anticipating the kick-off for euro2012. 

For the other-half(s) who has to suffer the long weekends of endless soccer and friends coming over to be merry together, sleepless nights of flashing TV screens and cheering, this could be your checklist:

  • Get Some Sleep
  • Freedom 
  • Disconnect cable box from room
  • Avoid midnight suppers at coffeeshops with a TV

and the list could go on…

On the other hand, as a fan myself, I have a very simple checklist!

  • Decide if I should subscribe with 

        a) SingTel MioTV –  I could miss crucial moments like the final minutes or a penalty shoot-out which   would determine the champions 
        b) Starhub – Find out the score a few seconds after everyone does

  • Stock up on chips & beer (and all things that would cause guilt and multiple trips to the gym)  
  • Make a mental note on must watch matches
  • Get myself up to date with facts around the Euro to be a real pro. 
I found this app during the world-cup period and it was so easy to use, gave such great information and somehow exciting! Ironically, i joined the company. hmmm. But this year, I though I should share the good stuff with all I know. Great for ladies impressing guys with their wealth of knowledge, kids getting into the know of football etc etc etc. i love it. 
So here you go (Click me!!) Not advocating my product, just this one app which I cannot go without sharing. Works on iPad without the need to DL the native app, works on any browser.. Try it and tell me what you think! 

dusty lil place…

i got too engrossed with traveling, the holidays, traveling again, more holidays and work. I forgot how much i loved to write and how happy it makes me… in a nutshell, before i commit posts to each good detail… 

  1. I found a city to fall in love with the bright lights and skyscrapers. i found many first loves there and some seem quite difficult to replace.
  2. I found a place I never thought I would ever visit and wish i had spent more time there. The charms of the people and the limitless ocean and sky makes me so happy but I also found out all inclusive isn’t always a good thing. A I learnt about ‘things’ that’s beyond us and predictions.. 
  3. I learnt that no matter how hard life kicks you in uncomfortable areas, there is always pick me ups.. Family, friends, sitcoms and FOOD. I’ve learnt my true calling. I have countless food experiences to share and that’s what reminded me that I have left this place for far too long.. 

And I know that 2012 is going to pack lotsa of good news, tidings and joy. I cant wait to get started on sharing. I’ll be back!