Hello 105 calories per bite, my favorite Mooncakes…

I think as Singaporeans, while we accept so many cultures and are encouraged/accustomed to celebrate together to bond, those without dietary restrictions has obesity lurking right around the corner..
(Jan) New Year
(Feb) Chinese New Year – 1 x Pineapple tart 80cals, 1 x Bak kwa slice 370cals, not to mention the countless reunion dinners & lo hei
(May) Mother’s Day
(Jun) Father’s Day
(Jun – Jul) Great Singapore Sale – Well, when you shop you get hungry don’t you?
(Jun) Rice Dumpling Festival – Each Pork & Mushroom BaZhang is about, 270cals?
(Aug) Hari Raya – Curries avg 350cals depending on the coconut milk & meat, and sweet snacks just like CNY
(Sept) Mooncake Festival – 1 double yolk in lotus paste mooncake – approx 800-900cals
(Nov) Deepavali – More Curries! But more importantly, the sweets which averages abt 250cals PER slice/ball
(Dec) Christmas – I did a count of Turkey, mash, lasagne, cheesecake, you could easily rake in 1,500cals all in one night

How do we not become chubby!!

BUT, while we are on the topic of these awesome food festivals, mooncake festival is less than a week away. Gone are the days of walking in the park with lanterns and burning it as I am into my 10th step, you know – candles. So I guess it’s all about food – and the people who know that fact best are probably earning the most this year! I cannot stress enough how much effort has gone into a lot of the babies not only to make the best traditional mooncake, but also the most creative in terms of flavor matches and packaging..

I think one of the companies who hit the nail right has got to be TWG.

A beautiful box with a hint of traditional SIngapore while it brings out an air of class with its gold hints. Not to mention the flavours! For one, they stuck to being what they are best at – tea. But what they did better was to marry the traditional flavours with their trademark tea so creatively which hit all the right spots. My personal favorite was the Brothers Club Tea infused Dragon Mooncake – it has that smooth peanut paste that just reminds me of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. But! you’ll fall in love visually with their Scarlett red Mooncake and Gold Leaf for she’s a real standout.

TWG’s traditional baked mooncakes

TWG’s Snowskin mooncakes

Another looker this year from Hong Kong who just washed up our shores and its eccentric taste in traditions and art has definitely taken Singapore by storm – G.O.D. (Goods of Desire). And what better way to show Singaporeans what they are made of than to say “Hi, we’re G.O.D and have some Butt Mooncakes on us!”


While my streamlines threaten to burst, I am still determined to try to make some space for Grand Hyatt’s Lychee Martini Truffle Mooncakes as I’ve heard so much about them! My knees go weak when I see Lychee Martini on any menu in any form.. Feed me already!

Such beautiful colours!

Such beautiful colours!

And while it’s an excuse to indulge, don’t forget this is just one more excuse and opportunity for Durian Mooncakes! Goodwood park, fours seasons – you name it I’m eating it. A tad expensive but what the hell! In fact, Goodwood’s Durian Mooncake has improved from last year so why not!

Goodwood Park’s Durian Mooncake

Till we see more awesome designs during Christmas, here’s my favourite Mooncake box of the year….! It’s so functional!


the Bellabox craze

Just what did i get myself into!! I succumbed to the marketing gimmick of all marketing gimmicks – a treasure trove of travel sized, 100% hand-picked and awesome beauty/skincare products. In which I think was made by a women for ESPECIALLY women. I blame my colleagues and boss who were RAVING about it just yesterday and look! It’s less than 24hrs and I’m already into it. Trust me my fingers were THAT close to a 1 year subscription..

You see, I am a sucker for that one moment of sheer excitement knowing a box of unknown beauty products is just a lid away. And what’s better, it was put together from understanding your beauty profile – which I just found out, is a series of quirky questions that doesn’t really give much away. and now, I regret signing up at the beginning of the month! When will I get my Bellabox!!?
How could you resist this pretty little thing!!! There’s travel sized babies, there’s loyalty points, there’s discounts, there’s a pretty box – WHAT MORE CAN A WOMAN ASK FOR!!

SO.. until my Bellabox arrives and I take all sorts of pretty pictures and start raving…. happy weekends ya’ll 🙂