What is the one thing Tom Selleck, George Clooney and Johnny Depp have in common? A set of perfectly trimmed moustache that makes them look sizzling hot and prolly was what made them an added bit famous. And November is your turn to have a go at looking sexy with moustache without being laughed at..

November is a month to support Prostate Cancer by growing a moustache in honour of Movember. We’ve had breast cancer awareness movements on Facebook, collars pins sold to raise money to help fight AIDs, so I’m glad to actually find out that Movember is celebrated to honour the man who fight Prostate Cancer and raise funds for research!

Here in Asia it seems growing a moustache may be challenging but there are more ways than one to show our support. For starters, do check out this page where Movember is explained and directions on how we can donate or take part in activities. or visit a Singapore dedicated Facebook page where you can post the progress of your month long pursuit of the perfect moustache or attend events around Singapore to support and raise awareness for Prostate Cancer.

If you really can’t grow one out, here’s a little something to help you..



and for the ladies, if we arent so brave as to slap on that cut out while on the streets, here’s a little something that could get you part of it plus its fun!

So in whatever little ways we can get things going, let’s do it. 🙂
P.S. i think Orlando Bloom looks adorps with a lil tresses!