The best 5kg you’ll ever carry – and it ain’t heavy

How to come back with a bang and pick up from where I left off…
It is often said that we always need life changing moment to give us a kick in the butt and get the engine going once again. I’ve found back some form of equilibrium in my life and what better way to come back to what I love doing most than sharing the best news of the year so far – and this news is also my kick!

ImageThat is not my kid – but I’ve become an aunt/godma and she’s prolly the best 5kg I’ll willingly carry and never want to put her down no matter how sore my arms feel. AND, she’s the best 5kg only because…

She’s the purest form of love that comes not from choice but an innate inclination to love without reason.
She’s every reason why all unhappiness is quickly forgotten
She’s also why I’m home on weekends but never bored
She’s tangible proof that God lives in us and loves us and his love knows no boundaries. With every hardship we ever had to experience he doubles it up with blessings and comfort. I cannot begin to tell you how much love has been showered on this little girl to accompany the many tomorrows she will have that has indirectly brought a smile to our face and a silent knowledge tomorrow is worth living for..

and till the day I have my own little bundle of joy, GODMA LOVES YOU LITTLE PEARLY! šŸ™‚ be good and may you one day find this post to know how much i love you esp on days im not the nicest aunt šŸ˜›

i found love in a hopelessly beautiful city

remember how i went on a hiatus with no blog entries which i sincerely regret? Now i cant wait to share.. but to keep things simple, lesser descriptions, more pictures and today I will start with why I fell in love with NEW YORK CITY!!!

New York on TV always held something magical.. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S growing up (yes favourite sitcom ever!) made me promise myself that IF i ever do visit NY, I have to visit central park, central perk and of cos, the apartment. Silly me not knowing that Central Perk is just a Hollywood prop till many years later – kids are so easy to fool (rolls eyes)! Then you have How I Met Your Mother and TONS of blockbusters set in NY as well. THERE’S GOT TO BE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CITY!!!!

This is where I let the pictures speak for itself! ^.^ ( i might miss some landmarks due to bad photography! =( apologies!!)

somedays I still cannot believe I went to NYC. most days I just miss it so much especially when I don’t know when I will ever visit NY again…

Travel, you’ll never live a day in regret.

The love of Valentines, we give to Hope HIV

Hope HIV & QlikView

Hope HIV & QlikView

in the midst of my absence is way too many festivities, travels and catching up with work. Thus the regrettable neglect which I hope to catch up on. More pictures and insights to my recent travels and celebration would be ideal. But first, i return with a heartfelt entry on those who live in conditions and an environment far worst than ours but still find happiness that eludes first world countries.

This year, as part of our corporate social responsibility movement here at QlikTech, we have been tasked with 10USD from Hope HIV (and mind you, this 10bucks comes from the founder’s own pocket!) to multiply it by 10 through whatever means that proves useful. Personally, I don’t think 100USD is asking a lot especially from wage earners like us and personally, I believe in this because I have been finding ways to pay it back to society through little means and now that I have the opportunity sponsored by someone, I am going in with a bang. All it takes is to forgo just 1 month of my shopping splurges and put it to this good cause which can buy them a lifeline, education, medication, food & necessities and HOPE. The message sent to us during our Kick-off by founder of Hope HIV Phil Wall was simple yet powerful – HOPE. God gives me Hope and I’d like these kids to know of Hope too… šŸ™‚

Soooo… We’re challenging ourselves! Come 22 March 2012, us Qlikkies here in Singapore will be holding a Charity Drive! As most events are, this is just a teaser but I’m so excited about it and cant wait for the greatness to start happening! Once the details go public, I do promise you that blogging about it would be the first thing i do. Colleagues all over the world have resorted to so many creative ways to raise funds. Some guy ate Jalapenos, someone rented their Holiday home etc (Read about it here…)so let’s see what we can do! In the meantime, for those of you who think you may not want to attend events but still would like to give charity something, I have set up a page on JustGiving that would send the money straight to Hope HIV. No amount is too little for charity! You can access the page here ( but i do want to point i to out to you that the currency is in Pounds!