the Bellabox craze

Just what did i get myself into!! I succumbed to the marketing gimmick of all marketing gimmicks – a treasure trove of travel sized, 100% hand-picked and awesome beauty/skincare products. In which I think was made by a women for ESPECIALLY women. I blame my colleagues and boss who were RAVING about it just yesterday and look! It’s less than 24hrs and I’m already into it. Trust me my fingers were THAT close to a 1 year subscription..

You see, I am a sucker for that one moment of sheer excitement knowing a box of unknown beauty products is just a lid away. And what’s better, it was put together from understanding your beauty profile – which I just found out, is a series of quirky questions that doesn’t really give much away. and now, I regret signing up at the beginning of the month! When will I get my Bellabox!!?
How could you resist this pretty little thing!!! There’s travel sized babies, there’s loyalty points, there’s discounts, there’s a pretty box – WHAT MORE CAN A WOMAN ASK FOR!!

SO.. until my Bellabox arrives and I take all sorts of pretty pictures and start raving…. happy weekends ya’ll 🙂