i found love in a hopelessly beautiful city

remember how i went on a hiatus with no blog entries which i sincerely regret? Now i cant wait to share.. but to keep things simple, lesser descriptions, more pictures and today I will start with why I fell in love with NEW YORK CITY!!!

New York on TV always held something magical.. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S growing up (yes favourite sitcom ever!) made me promise myself that IF i ever do visit NY, I have to visit central park, central perk and of cos, the apartment. Silly me not knowing that Central Perk is just a Hollywood prop till many years later – kids are so easy to fool (rolls eyes)! Then you have How I Met Your Mother and TONS of blockbusters set in NY as well. THERE’S GOT TO BE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CITY!!!!

This is where I let the pictures speak for itself! ^.^ ( i might miss some landmarks due to bad photography! =( apologies!!)

somedays I still cannot believe I went to NYC. most days I just miss it so much especially when I don’t know when I will ever visit NY again…

Travel, you’ll never live a day in regret.

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